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Kristian Fiore Sinzar Hafner –  Founder

I founded SEZHES to fulfill my wish. Each video game produced reflects a part of my past and future history. Follow us to find out where my choice will lead.

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Jacopo Bonaventura - Marketing

My Digital Marketing agency aims to tell your story by choosing the most suitable medium through study and strategy.

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David Iohan Pigatto - Marketing

I am a creative specialised in brand identity. My mission is to enhance the visual and
communicative identity of companies and startups.

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Undreamed - Soundtrack

We are a manifold fantasy folk band from Merano, Italy. The great driving force behind Undreamed is our love for music and the everlasting beauty and tranquility of nature, to which we belong.

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Alberto Furlan

Alberto Furlan - Translator

I'm a former english-language journalist turned translator and aspiring game designer.
I see games as a form of communication between creator and player; the translator's responsiblity thus is to keep the message faithful to the original idea when presenting it to a new audience.

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